about us

Since becoming a mom, I have spent my time buying more and more clothes for my growing boy.  More stores, big and small, have a very small selection of boy clothes.  Instead of finding some cool trendy pieces for his closet I have had to settle on basic/ mainstream clothes.  Why settle?  This is where MY SWEET BABBOO comes into play …

I’m Jessica.  I have twenty years of fashion experience and my son; Cruz has a strong sense of self.  Together we are working to find some unique items for your kids.  All items have been kid approved.  Our clothes are named after our friends and the places we like to go.  And just so you know, my son is MY SWEET BABBOO. 

My Sweet Babboo is a place to find cool clothes for your unique kid.  We believe that everything should be functional, fun, and fashionable.

We are for the kid who walks or crawls to the beat of their own drum. 

Founded by a Mom | Approved by a Kid  

Houston | Texas